I co-run Sad Press Poetry with Sam Walton. We try to mostly publish poetry which is experimental and/or politically radical in some way. We're mostly interested in first pamphlets. We have also published full length poetry collections by SFF writers Adam Roberts and Roz Kaveney. And we've published an anthology, Rise Up & Repeal, celebrating and reflecting on Ireland's Repeal the 8th Referendum.

Sad Press is going a little quiet -- all our back catalogue will still be available, but for now we won't be publishing anything new (with one possible exception).

I also have written about ten pamphlets and books, mostly in collaboration with others. See for instance: We Are Real, Sea Adventures, or, Pond Life, Pressure in Cheshire, Hax, Animal Poems, and Ten Laws. If you'd like to read something and have trouble getting it, let me know and maybe I can help. And here are some readings in Brighton and Cork and London.

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