Friday, February 8, 2013

Maughan & de Bodard

I don't set much store by — and even before we get into this, keep in mind people like me never reveal whereby we set most of our store — literary prizes, having been lucky enough to get some glimpses up the supply chain of one. If you knew what went into those things ... trophies just look like the glittering swollen skin of spoilt Cthulu cartilege sausage to me now. But these two have just been nominated for the prestigious The Lorraine Concern Blog Free Short Fiction You Actually May Want to Read on Your Damn Screen Award:

Aliette de Bodard, "Immersion" (Clarkesworld)
Tim Maughan, "Limited Edition" (Arc)

It's an award I set a massive estranging retail park by. Tim Maughan's related & also excellent "Paintwork" is also free on Tor.

PS: Actually, I wonder if one reason "Limited Edition" is so eminently online-readable is that it gives you a bit of the experience of flipping to another tab every now and then. Like, "So, the protagonist and his crew were just on their bicy— WHAT ARE YOU FUCKING DOING? YOU WANT TWEETS? YOU WANT TO JUST BROWSE A FEW TWEETS? I'M YOUR FUCKING TWITTER NOW."

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