Friday, March 15, 2013


TED talk titles generated by JanusNode (tweaked):

These days Islam can produce thousands of terabytes of data. How can we deal with all this data? Recent McCarthy award winning illustrator Imogene Intintinca started 'the Islam Project' to teach actual infants how they can get young, ignorant children involved in Islam from as young as seven.

You may not know as much as you think about ancient monuments! Oscar-winning intern Imogen Tawfiq, having lived with iatrogenic irascibility for 36 years, describes how (after over 300 tries) she and her team created a visually stunning, eco-friendly hydraulic ram that will change the way you think about adaptive robotics.

What can be learned about flying cars from the study of fleas? Gonzo unskilled laborer Ulysses Underwood shows how urban waste can connect urban waste with urban transportation systems.

Are problems with literature insurmountable? Oscar-winning lumberjack Lex Leblanc presents the optimistic business education packages she makes from leaves.

There are 30,000 indigenous creative industries practitioners in Eritrea. Lamp lighter Lure Leonardo, having almost lost his life mountaineering, wanted to study the CERN particle collider - until he discovered libraries.

Imagine if everyone on the planet could understand developmental disorders. Just back from a world bicycle tour, housewife Ette-ette Hugo Hugo Hemheu-Hug Mouse, having been severely beaten by rebels, wanted to study unprecedented amounts of data - until she discovered education.

Also: "Great Ideas demand precisely the opposite of TED thinking."
Umair Haque on TED talks: thinking, ideas, solutions, commodities.

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