Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hustley Tuesdays: Aylett's Armamentarium

As Steve Aylett's Unbound fundraiser Lindy Huts Huts up to 40% with a reverberating "I Can't Go On, I'll Go On," I thought it worth linking -- for those not lucky enough yet to try them -- to some of Aylett's earlier glorious, sui generis, extravagant, witty, kinky, lofty, scarry-eyed, silly, and (even though they keep implying this one is true, it is true) utterly original books.

Lint, a biography of pulp author Jeff Lint, is probably the best-known one. But I'd be tempted to start either with Toxicology, which collects some early short stories, Fain the Sorcerer, a picaresque fairytale novella, or Rebel at the End of Time, the greatest fanfic ever written.

They're all available on Kindle. & Paul di Fillipo has a little intro to Aylett over at Locus.

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