Thursday, November 20, 2014

From "The Reduced Racine Yakuza Co."

A sword embeds in a slot machine, which starts to pay out everything.

Yes, thinks Eitsu, this is something special. She senses motion behind the curtains and leaps off the edge of the stage, slipping down her smartglasses, firing up her combat augs for the first time in ages. An AR tag tells her:

Please wait. Installing vital cyberware updates. Do not shut down or reboot. 

Oh well. The huge armored arm surges. Metal groans, wood splinters, and the hill in the centre of the casino buckles and cants more steeply.


A snippet from a novelette I recently wrote as a rickety strut to the Tokyo Yakuza boardgame. (I should mention that there is currently a Kickstarter).

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