Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Short SF&F in 2014

Some excellent squirming parcels of short fiction silked over at The Spider's House (Nina Allan). Never let anyone tell you Silky Stories Are For Losers.

Here's Zeno Agency's Short Fiction Watch & Amal El-Mohtar's Something Rich & Strange.

& here's some short fiction published in 2014, mostly available on the web (I'll keep adding probably):

Tim Maughan, "The Four Days of Christmas" > see also BBC / Unknown Fields Division report
Alyssa Wong, "The Fisher Queen" > Wong interview
Yoon Ha Lee, "Always the Harvest" (Upgraded)
Timothy Thornton, "Sunrise"
Paul Graham Raven, "Los Piratas del Mar de Plastico (Pirates of the Plastic Ocean)" (Twelve Tomorrows) > in Jo Listicle
Carmen Maria Machado, "The Husband Stitch"
Project Itoh, "From the Nothing, With Love" (Phantasm Japan) > Mamatas endorsement
Sarah M. Watson, "The Internet of Paternalistic Things"
Sulagra Misna, "Homes of the Future"
Sofia Samatar, "Ogres of East Africa" (Long Hidden)
Oliver Buckram, "Two Truths and a Lie" (Interzone #252, May/Jun 14)
Adam Roberts, "Gross Thousand" (Noir)
Tim Maughan, "Ghost Hardware" (Arc 2.2) > fiction & fact three-legged race to the future
Yoon Ha Lee, "Combustion Hour"
Rose Lemberg, "A City on its Tentacles"
Kelly Link, "I Can See Right Through You"
Alix E. Harrow, "The Animal Women" > read by Anaea Lay
Cory Doctorow, "Huxleyed into the Full Orwell"
Elizabeth Bear, "This Chance Planet"
Rachel Swirsky, "Grand Jeté (The Great Leap)"
John Chu, "A Cost Benefit Analysis of the Proposed Trade-Offs for the Overhaul of the Barricade"
Tim Maughan, "Your Gaze"
Amal El-Mohtar, "The Truth About Owls" > intro
Paul Kincaid, "The Lost Domain"
M. John Harrison, The 4th Domain (Kindle: UKUS)
Martin McGrath, "King Rook" (Albedo One #45)
Rosanne Rabinowitz, "Living in the Vertical World" (Mind Seed)
Yoon Ha Lee, "Wine"
Linda Nagata, "Codename: Delphi"
JY Yang, "Storytelling for the Night Clerk"
Shira Lipkin, "The Final Girl"
Carmen Maria Machado, "Help Me Follow my Sister into the Land of the Dead"
N.K. Jemisin, "Walking Awake"
Polenth Blake, "Never the Same" > in Nina Allan BSFA listicle
Timothy Thornton, "Children's Story"
Genevieve Valentine, "A Dweller in Amenty"
Amal El-Mohtar, "The Lonely Sea in the Sky" (Lightspeed #49: Women Destroy Science Fiction!) > on the name Lucy
Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, "The Damaged" (Interzone #250)
Cory Doctorow, "Petard: A Tale of Just Desserts" (Twelve Tomorrows) > in Jo listicle
Saladin Ahmed, "Without Faith, Without Law, Without Joy" > at Rich & Strange
Sofia Samatar, "How to Get Back to the Forest"
Kai Ashante Wilson, "The Devil in America"
Catherine F. King, "The Ninety-Ninth Bride"
Alex Dally MacFarlane, "Pocket Atlas of Planets"
Aliette de Bodard, "The Days of the War, as Red as Blood, as Dark as Bile"
Alix E. Harrow, "A Whisper in the Weld"
Rhiannon Rasmussen, "The Hymn of Ordeal, No. 23"
E Lily Yu, "The Urashima Effect"
Rose Lemberg, "Stalemate" > at Rich & Strange
Margaret Ronald, "The Innocence of Place"
Yoon Ha Lee, "The Bonedrake's Penace"
Kate Elliott, "The Courtship"
Theodora Goss, "Cimmeria: From the Journal of Imaginary Anthropology" > Ian Sales's BSFA #1
Bruce Sterling, "The Brain Dump"
Deborah Walker, "The Three Brother Cities" (Mind Seed)
Ian McDonald, "The Fifth Dragon" (Reach for Infinity)
Greg Egan, "Seventh Sight" (Upgraded)
Nick Mamatas, "The Burning Stones" (LampLight Vol. 3 #1)
Kameron Hurley, The Body Project
Rose Biggin, "A Game Proposition" (Irregularity)
Ken Liu, "The Regular" (Upgraded)
Lauren Beukes, "Slipping" (Twelve Tomorrows)
Gareth L. Powell, "This is How You Die" (Interzone #251, Mar/Apr 14)
Denni Schnapp, "Mind Seed" (Mind Seed)
Helen Callaghan, "Sex and the Single Hive Mind" (Mind Seed)
Angela Kendrick, "Half a Man" (Kindle: US, UK)

... this list saying much more about supply of variation than it does about adaptive fitness, i.e. more about my reading habits than about what's out there that deserves your tender scrutinies.

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