Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thursday & Friday, free e-books

My Kindle titles are all free today (and some of them tomorrow):

Invocation (Critical Documents 2013): a slightly massive contemporary fantasy about muses

Marta and the Demons (Preyed Press 2014): a near future novella about cryptocurrency

Daiquiris & Demigods (Gluttony Press 2000/2014): an RPG that uses drinking instead of dice

Newb Maps of Hell (Preyed Press 2015): a small collection of SFF reviews

Three Lorqi Blinks tales (The Owl, the Pussycat and the Jetpack) aren't on Amazon, but they are free on Medium.

If you read something you like, you could be really patreonizing about it, or leave a review, or just let me know, so I can be really awkward about taking a compliment. If you see concrete stuff you think can be improved, I'd love to know about that too.

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