Thursday, June 18, 2015

Daiquiris & Demigods on SmashWords

Finally jumped through SmashWords's NUKE AND MEATGRINDER process, so the drinking tabletop RPG is now available on your Nook, your Kobo, your Sony Reader, your tea leaves, shaving mirror, squirrelk viscera, Obelisk of Tears, and your rainbows-infused briolette-cut walnut amulet:

"Elegant, modular rule set, clearly and colorfully explained, with bonus material on the shiny bits on the ends of shoe laces, which help you thread them. Also a great way to introduce otherwise fun and interesting people to a style of gaming that has never really held any appeal for them. A bargain at twice the price."
-- Mark McClelland

It was fine, I think, although the Amazon process is conspicuously simpler. Which is a damn shame.

(At least some fancy macro-work might save me having to re-do all the italics next time, we'll see).

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