Saturday, July 27, 2019

WorldCon in Dublin

I'll be there. Say hello.

Saturday 20:00 - Wiklow Hall 2B. I'm moderating the 'Future Financial Systems and Transactions' panel with Shmulik Shelach, Stewart Hotston, Nile Heffernan, and Maria Farrell.

Sunday 10:30 - AI panel (academic track). I'll be presenting something on Chile's Project Cybersyn (based on an article with Dr Elizabeth Stainforth, forthcoming in the next Science Fiction Studies). The other papers are Prof. Dave Lewis, ‘No Datafication Without Representation!’ and Prof. David Powers, ‘AI, Talking Robots/Ships, Brain Control Interface.’

Then at 11:30, shooting over to Odeon 4, to moderate 'Flann O'Brien: the unluckiest man who ever lived' with Pádraig Ó Méalóid, Anthony Roche, and Jenna Maguire.

And at some point, I'll be doing a stint at the BSFA table.

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