Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hypothesis Thursdays: Specters

The changes in speculative fiction since the 1970s match the changes in speculative investment. Neither is an educated gamble on future events any longer. In each case, speculation is simply the self-perpetuating production of liquidity: that is, the intense mutability of forms that dissolves form itself, the frictionless compossibility of all things.

Okay: dinosaur sorcerers but their "spells" consist of "future" events (e.g. doings of urban fantasy kitsune detective in Mexico City) and what "happens" in the "future" determines whose magic is strongest in the primordial world ... yeah so those dino witch guys are forced to put aside old rivalries when their way of life and very existence is threatened by the Starborn, shadowy necromantic xenomorphs that have the power to convert weather into specific ninja moves, who are all in love with the same bounty hunter. Only gender-flipped?

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