Monday, March 14, 2016

Burn Out: Empathize But Organize

Some eloquent and forceful tweeting about systemic overwork, burn-out, and mental health in the publishing industry.

Fwiw, I want this conversation include other kinds of working too hard as well, not just working too hard in the publishing industry!

De-stressing, developing insight, developing self-care, cultures of tenderness, honest and open conversations, sharing stories, learning to recognize affective labor alongside more traditional forms of work, calling out exploitative practices, challenging the gendered patterns of exhaustion, solidarity based on shared industry experience, raising awareness about what this or that role may entail in practice, and managing expectations accordingly: that stuff is hella important. But it's only a start. Doing all that while remaining basically neutral on contemporary neoliberal capitalism would get pretty much nowhere, obv. :P

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