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Up & Coming

In Jo's neuem Video Up & Coming zeigt sich die Autor gewohnt sexy: knappe Shorts und viel ...

An enormous free (in March only) anthology of science fiction & fantasy by 120 authors who have published their work in a "professional" publication for the first time during the last two years. Thrown together at breakneck speed by editors S.L. Huang and Kurt Hunt. Contents:

Charlotte Ashley
La Héron (F& SF) (Short story)
Sigrid Under the Mountain (The Sockdolager) (Short story)

John Ayliff
Belt Three (HarperVoyager) (Novel excerpt)

Lucas Bale
To Sing of Chaos and Eternal Night (Dark Matter Publishing) (Novelette)

Nicolette Barischoff
Pirate Songs (The Future Fire) (Novelette)
Follow Me Down (Unlikely Story) (Novelette)
In the Woods Behind My House (Podcastle) (Short story)

Sofie Bird
A' is for Alacrity, Astronauts and Grief (Zombies Need Brains LLC) (Short story)

Derrick Boden
Clay Soldiers (Daily Science Fiction) (Short story)
The Last Mardi Gras (Flash Fiction Online) (Short story)

Stefan Bolz
The Traveler (Samuel Peralta) (Short story)

David Bruns
The Water Finder's Shadow (Hip Phoenix) (Novelette)
I, Caroline

Martin Cahill
It Was Never The Fire (Nightmare Magazine) (Short story)
Vanilla (Fireside Fiction) (Short story)

Aaron Canton
Dining Out (Phobos Magazine) (Short story)
A Most Unusual Patriot (Michael DeAngelo) (Short story)

D.K. Cassidy
Room 42 (Windrift Bay Limited) (Short story)
Zach Chapman Between Screens (Galaxy Press) (Short story)

Curtis C. Chen
Zugzwang (Daily Science Fiction) (Short story)
Making Waves (SNAFU: An Anthology of Military Horror) (Short story)
Laddie Come Home (2016 Young Explorer's Adventure Guide) (Short story)

ZZ Claybourne
Agents of Change (Windrift Books) (Short story)

Liz Colter
The Ties That Bind, The Chains That Break (Galaxy's Edge Magazine) (Short story)
Echoes (Urban Fantasy Magazine) (Short story)
The Clouds in Her Eyes (Writers and Illustrators of the Future vol 30) (Short story)

Daniel J Davis
The God Whisperer (Galaxy Press) (Short story)

S.B. Divya
Strange Attractors (Daily Science Fiction) (Short story)
The Egg (Nature) (Short story)
Ships in the Night (Daily Science Fiction) (Short story)

Margaret Dunlap
Jane (Shimmer) (Short story)
Broken Glass (Wisdom Crieth Without) (Short story)
Bookburners, Episode 5: The Market Arcanum (Serial Box Publishing) (Novelette)

S. K. Dunstall
LINESMAN (Ace Books) (Novel excerpt)

Jonathan Edelstein
First Do No Harm (Strange Horizons) (Novelette)

Harlow C. Fallon
A Long Horizon (The Immortality Chronicles (The Future Chronicles Anthology Series)) (Short story)

Rafaela F. Ferraz
The Lady of the House of Mirrors (Lethe Press) (Novelette)

Sam Fleming
She Gave her Heart, He Took Her Marrow (Apex Magazine) (Short story)

Annalee Flower
Horne Seven Things Cadet Blanchard Learned From The Trade Summit Incident (The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction) (Short story)

Ron S. Friedman
Game Not Over (Galaxy's Edge) (Short story)
LUCA (Analemma Books) (Short story)

David Jón Fuller
The Harsh Light of Morning (EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing) (Short story)
Caged (Crossroad Press) (Short story)
In Open Air ( Publishing) (Short story)

Sarah Gailey
Bargain (Mothership Zeta) (Short story)
Haunted (Fireside Fiction) (Short story)

Patricia Gilliam
The Backup (Windrift Books) (Short story)

Jaymee Goh
Liminal Grid (Strange Horizons) (Short story)

Elad Haber
Number One Hit (Interfictions Online) (Short story)

Auston Habershaw
Adaptation and Predation (Escape Pod) (Short story)
A Revolutionary's Guide to Practical Conjuration (Galaxy Press) (Novelette)

Philip Brian Hall
Spatchcock (AE The Canadian Science Fiction Review) (Novella)
The Waiting Room (Flame Tree Publishing) (Short story)
The Man on the Church Street Omnibus (The Sockdolager) (Short story)

John Gregory Hancock
The Antares Cigar Shoppe (Windrift Books) (Short story)

Nin Harris
Sang Rimau and the Medicine Woman (Lackington's Magazine) (Short story)
Your Right Arm (Clarkesworld Magazine) (Short story)

C.A. Hawksmoor
Y Brenin (Beneath Ceaseless Skies) (Novelette)
Murder on the Laplacian Express (Interzone) (Short story)

Sean Patrick Hazlett
Boomer Hunter (Grimdark Magazine) (Short story)
Entropic Order (Outposts of Beyond) (Short story)
Chandler's Hollow (Perihelion Science Fiction) (Short story)

Holly Heisey
The Monastery of the Parallels (Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show) (Short story)
An Understanding (Escape Pod) (Short story)
Contents of Care Package to Etsath-tachri, Formerly Ryan Andrew Curran (Human English Translated to Sedrayin) (EGM Shorts) (Short story)

Michael Patrick Hicks
Revolver (Dark Matter Publishing) (Short story)
Preservation (Windrift Books) (Short story)

SL Huang
Hunting Monsters (The Book Smugglers) (Short story)
By Degrees and Dilatory Time (Strange Horizons) (Short story)
Zero Sum Game (self-published) (Novel excerpt)

Kurt Hunt
Paolo, Friend Paolo (Ecotones) (Short story)
QSFT7mk2.7853 Has a Name (Perihelion) (Short story)
Tigerskin (Strange Horizons) (Short story)

L.S. Johnson
Vacui Magia (Strange Horizons) (Short story)
Little Men with Knives (Crossed Genres) (Novelette)

Cameron Johnston
The Economist & The Dragon (Buzzymag) (Short story)
Head Games (Swords and Sorcery Magazine) (Short story)
The Shadow Under Scotland (The Lovecraft eZine) (Short story)

Rachael K. Jones
Makeisha In Time (Crossed Genres) (Short story)
Who Binds and Looses the World With Her Hands (PodCastle) (Short story)
Charlotte Incorporated (Lightspeed) (Short story)

Jason Kimble
Broken (Escape Pod) (Short story)
Hide Behind (The Sockdolager) (Short story)

Paul B. Kohler
Rememorations (Windrift Bay Limited) (Short story)
The Soul Collector (Global Endeavor Publishing) (Short story)

Jeanne Kramer-Smyth
Unsealed (2015 Young Explorer's Adventure Guide) (Short story)
View from Above (2016 Young Explorer's Adventure Guide) (Short story)

Jamie Gilman Kress
And Now, Fill Her In (Daily Science Fiction) (Short story)

Jason LaPier
Unexpected Rain (HarperVoyager UK) (Novel excerpt)

Fonda Lee
Zeroboxer (Flux) (Novel excerpt)
Universal Print (Crossed Genres) (Short story)

S Lynn
Ffydd (Faith) (Crossed Genres Publications) (Short story)

Jack Hollis Marr
into the waters I rode down (FutureFire Publishing) (Short story)

Arkady Martine
City of Salt (Strange Horizons) (Short story)
When The Fall Is All That's Left (Apex Magazine) (Short story)
Adjuva (Lakeside Circus) (Short story)

Kim May
Blood Moon Carnival (WMG) (Short story)
The Void around the Sword's Edge (WMG) (Short story)

Alison McBain
Grandmother Winter (On the Premises) (Short story)
The Lost Children (Abbreviated Epics) (Short story)
The Heart of Yuki-onna (Frozen Fairy Tales) (Short story)

Rati Mehrotra
Charaid Dreams (Apex Magazine) (Short story)
Ghosts of Englehart (AE – The Canadian Science Fiction Review) (Short story)

Lia Swope Mitchell
Slow (Apex Magazine) (Short story)

Allison Mulder
Decay (Crossed Genres Magazine) (Short story)

Ian Muneshwar
Ossuary (Clarkesworld Magazine) (Short story)

Brian Niemeier
Strange Matter (Jason Rennie) (Novelette)
Nethereal (Brian Niemeier) (Novel excerpt)

Wendy Nikel
Rain Like Diamonds (Daily Science Fiction) (Short story)
The Tea-Space Continuum (AE) (Short story)
The Book of Futures (Broken Eye Books) (Short story)

George Nikolopoulos
A Rise to the Surface (SFComet) (Short story)
Razor Bill Vs Pistol Anne (Bards and Sages Quarterly) (Short story)

Megan E. O'Keefe
Of Blood and Brine (Shimmer) (Short story)
Steal the Sky (Angry Robot Books) (Novel excerpt)

Malka Older
Tear Tracks ( (Short story)

Emma Osborne
The Box Wife (Shock Totem: Curious Tales of the Macabre and Twisted) (Short story)
Zip (Bastion Science Fiction Magazine) (Short story)
Clean Hands, Dirty Hands (Aurealis) (Short story)

Chris Ovenden
Upgrade (Penny Shorts) (Short story)
Peace for our Times (Every Day Fiction) (Short story)
Behind Grey Eyes (Daily Science Fiction) (Short story)

Steve Pantazis
Switch (Galaxy Press) (Novelette)

Carrie Patel
Here Be Monsters (Beneath Ceaseless Skies) (Short story)
The Color of Regret (PodCastle) (Short story)
The Buried Life (Angry Robot) (Novel excerpt)

Sunil Patel
The Merger (The Book Smugglers) (Short story)
The Robot Who Couldn't Lie (Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show) (Short story)
The Attic of Memories (Fantastic Stories of the Imagination) (Short story)

Laura Pearlman
I am Graalnak of the Vroon Empire, Destroyer of Galaxies, Supreme Overlord of the Planet Earth. Ask Me Anything. (Flash Fiction Online) (Short story)
A Dozen Frogs, a Bakery, and a Thing That Didn't Happen (Daily Science Fiction) (Short story)
In the End, You Get Clarity (UFO Publishing) (Short story)

Samuel Peralta
Hereafter (David Gatewood) (Short story)
Humanity (David Gatewood) (Short story)

Andrea Phillips In Loco Parentis (Escape Pod) (Short story)
Revision (Fireside Fiction) (Novel excerpt)

Mark Robert Philps
Dragonfire is Brighter than the Ten Thousand Stars (Robinson) (Novella)

Monica Enderle Pierce
Judgment (Windrift Books) (Novelette)

Ivan Popov
The Keresztury TVirs (Sci Phi Publications) (Short story)

Bill Powell
The Punctuality Machine, Or, A Steampunk Libretto (Beneath Ceaseless Skies) (Short story)

Stephen S. Power
Stripped to Zero (Nature) (Short story)
Wire Paladin (AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review) (Short story)
Automatic Sky (AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review) (Short story)

Rhiannon Rasmussen
The Hymn of Ordeal, No. 23 (Lightspeed (Women Destroy Science Fiction)) (Short story)
Charge! Love Heart! (The Sockdolager) (Short story)
How to Survive the Apocalypse (ZEAL) (Short story)

Chris Reher
The Kasant Objective (Windrift Books) (Short story)

Ethan Reid
THE UNDYING: SHADES (Simon & Schuster, Inc.) (Novel excerpt)

Kelly Robson
Waters of Versailles ( (Novella excerpt)
The Three Resurrections of Jessica Churchill (Clarkesworld Magazine) (Short story)
Two-Year Man (Asimov's Science Fiction) (Short story)

Andy Rogers
The Doom Of Sallee (Grantville Gazette) (Short story)
Brothers In Arms (Star Citizen Jump Point Magazine) (Novella) Lauren M. Roy The Eleventh Hour (Fireside Magazine) (Short story)

Steve Ruskin
Grand Tour (Zombies Need Brains LLC) (Short story)
KB Rylander We Fly (Baen) (Short story)

Hope Erica Schultz
Mr. Reilly's Tattoo (Fireside Magazine) (Short story)
The Princess in the Basement (Diabolical Plots) (Short story)

Effie Seiberg
Re: Little Miss Apocalypse Playset (Fireside Fiction) (Short story)
Rocket Surgery (Analog Science Fiction and Fact) (Short story)
Thundergod in Therapy (Galaxy's Edge) (Short story)

Tahmeed Shafiq
The Djinn Who Sought To Kill The Sun (Lightspeed Magazine) (Novelette)

Iona Sharma
Archana and Chandni (Betwixt) (Short story)
Alnwick (Middle Planet) (Short story)

Anthea Sharp
Ice in D Minor (Timberland Regional Library) (Short story)
The Sun Never Sets (Windrift Books) (Short story)
Fae Horse (Fiddlehead Press) (Short story)

Elsa Sjunneson-Henry
Edge of The Unknown (Broken Eye Books) (Short story)

Daniel Arthur Smith
The Diatomic Quantum Flop (Windrift Books) (Short story)
Tower (Holt Smith ltd) (Short story)

Hugh Howey
Lives (Holt Smith ltd) (Novella excerpt)

Lesley Smith
The Soulless: A History of Zombieism in Chiitai and Mihari Culture (Windrift Books) (Short story)

William Squirrell
Götterdämmerung (AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review) (Short story)
Fighting in the Streets of the City of Time (Bewildering Stories) (Short story)
I am Problem Solving Astronaut: How to Write Hard SF (Blue Monday Review) (Short story)
Dan Stout Outpatient (Nature) (Short story)
The Curious Case of Alpha-7 DE11 (Mad Scientist Journal) (Short story)

Naru Dames Sundar
A Revolution In Four Courses (Daily Science Fiction) (Short story)
Infinite Skeins (Crossed Genres) (Short story)
Broken Winged Love (Strange Horizons) (Short story)

Will Swardstrom Uncle Allen (Windrift Books) (Novelette)
The Control (Windrift Books) (Novelette)

Jeremy Szal
Daega's Test (Nature) (Short story)
Last Age of Kings (Fantasy Scroll Magazine) (Short story)
Skingame (Perihelion Science Fiction) (Short story)

Lauren C. Teffeau
Forge and Fledge (Crossed Genres Magazine, Issue 16) (Short story)
Jump Cut (Unlikely Story) (Short story)

Natalia Theodoridou
The Eleven Holy Numbers of the Mechanical Soul (Clarkesworld Magazine) (Short story)
On Post-Mortem Birds (Interfictions: A Journal of Interstitial Arts) (Short story)
Android Whores Can't Cry (Clarkesworld Magazine) (Short story)

Joseph Tomaras
Bonfires in Anacostia (Clarkesworld Magazine) (Short story)
Thirty-Eight Observations on the Nature of the Self (Haikasoru) (Short story)
The Joy of Sects (Unlikely Story) (Short story)

Vincent Trigili
The Storymaster (Windrift Books) (Short story)

P.K. Tyler
Moon Dust (Evolved Publishing) (Novelette)
Avendui 5ive (Windrift Books) (Short Story)

Tamara Vardomskaya
The Metamorphoses of Narcissus (Beneath Ceaseless Skies) (Short story)
Acrobatic Duality ( (Short story)

Leo Vladimirsky
Collar (F& SF) (Short story)
Dandelion (Boing Boing) (Short story)

Nancy SM Waldman
ReMemories (Fantasy Scroll Magazine) (Short story)
And Always, Murder (AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review) (Short story)
Sound of Chartreuse (Perihelion Science Fiction Magazine) (Short story)
Thomas M. Waldroon Sinseerly A Friend & Yr. Obed't (Beneath Ceaseless Skies) (Novelette)

Jo Lindsay Walton
It's OK To Say If You Went Back In Time And Killed Baby Hitler (Self-Published) (Short story)

Kim Wells
The Book of Safkhet: Chronicler of the Journey, Mistress of the House of Books (Windrift Books) (Short story)

Alison Wilgus
King Tide (Terraform) (Short story)
Noise Pollution (Strange Horizons) (Short story)

Nicolas Wilson
Trials (Windrift Publishing) (Novelette)
Multiply (Windrift Publishing) (Novelette)

Alyssa Wong
Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers (Nightmare Magazine) (Short story)
The Fisher Queen (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction) (Short story)
Santos de Sampaguitas (Strange Horizons) (Short story)

Eleanor R. Wood
Fibonacci (Flash Fiction Online) (Short story)
Pawprints in the Aeolian Dust (Sci Phi Journal) (Short story)
Daddy's Girl (Crossed Genres) (Short story)

Frank Wu
Season of the Ants in a Timeless Land (Analog) (Novelette)

Jeff Xilon
H (Daily Science Fiction) (Short story)
All of Our Days (Fireside Fiction) (Short story)

JY Yang
A House Of Anxious Spiders (The Dark magazine) (Short story)
Temporary Saints (Fireside Fiction) (Short story)
Song Of The Milagroso ( (Short story)
The Oiran's Song (Uncanny Magazine) (Novelette)
Good Girls (Shimmer Magazine) (Short story)

Jo Zebedee
Inish Carraig (Self published) (Novel excerpt)

Jon F. Zeigler
Galen and the Golden-Coat Hare (Uncanny Books) (Short story)

Anna Zumbro
The Pixie Game (Daily Science Fiction) (Short story)
The Cur of County Road Six (Grievous Angel) (Short story)

Some direct download links: epub, mobi; more download options on the anthology's main page at Bad Menagerie.

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