Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sputnik PS

Btw: I've received some really touching enthusiasm, warmth and wise counsels and offers of support, as well as a pretty significant amount of "eh?" "baroo?" "mph?" "wha-?", which tbh is also kinda gratifying. One thing I'd love to hear more of is unwise counsel. The best I've heard so far is the suggestion that we do the Dungeons of Democracy for real.

Just imagine, ripping it from the Excel and into the streets, playing out the entire vote as a vast LARP, cosplaying Daleky Phoenixes and Hedgehoggy Thing Itselves . . .

Sputnik Awards


  1. The Sputnik Awards' current, ill-defined and wishy-washy, protocol for selecting a winner, is self-evidently a Bad Thing. The next year's protocol must be well-defined, with highly specific details covering every foreseeable contingency; it must have well-defined protocols for covering contingencies which were not foreseen, in the event that any such contingencies actually do arise.
    I'm thinking that the way to establish the rules is for a hand-picked panel of Adjudicators should play a round of Nomic when needed…