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Published Articles and Working Papers
Articles In Press
  • With Liz Stainforth: ‘Computing Utopia: the Horizons of Computational Economies in History and Science Fiction’ in Science Fiction Studies (forthcoming 2019)
  • With Ian Davidson: ‘Political Poetry’: chapter in The Blackwell Companion to British and Irish Poetry, ed. David Malcom and Wolfgang Görtschacher (forthcoming, I mean I think it is -- does anybody know?)
  • ‘Strange Entrepreneurs and Credit in Cory Doctorow’s Fiction’: article in Foundation (forthcoming)
Articles In Preparation
  • ‘Away Day: Leadership and Labour in Star Trek: TNG’ (in preparation)
  • 'Marvelous Moneys' (in preparation)

  • With Polina Levontin: Vector, the critical journal of the British Science Fiction Association (2017-) With Ed Luker: Poetry and Work: Work in Modern and Contemporary Anglophone Poetry (Palgrave, June 2019) 
  • With Ed Luker: special issue of The Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry on the theme of secrecy (Glyphi, June 2018) 
  • With Samantha Walton: special issue of Green Letters: Studies in Ecocriticism on ecology and crime fiction (ASLE-UK, September 2018) 
  • With Joe Luna: On the Late Poetry of J.H. Prynne (Hi Zero 2015)
Partnerships and Projects

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